Being an ardent fan of running man, korea was  my first choice of destination in my bucket list. After months of research here im in korea finally. Follow me as i take u to a virtual tour to the beautiful places, finger licking foods and historicals places in the land of the morning calm…


We book our flight via airasia which cost us RM 3000 back and forth for 2 pax. the price was expensive as we did our booking just 2 weeks before travelling . u can get a much cheaper price when u book well in advanced or during airasia promotions. its a 6 hour flight from KLIA 2 to Incheon international airport.

Once u have reached incheon airport please do purchace the transport card which is also known as T-money card in the convinient store located in the airport. T-Money is transportation card which can be used in almost all major cities in korea. you can even use it taxis in seoul. U can save about 100 won if u use t money compared to cash while using public transport in seoul. there are plenty of machine available for you to to topup the t-money in all subway station.do take note that u can top-up yout t-card only by cash.u can learn more about t-money card from the below link https://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/TRP/TP_ENG_8_1_1.jsp

our hotel in seoul :

download   download (1)                             Hotel skypark dongdaemun 1  @ RM 32O/night

we took airport limosine to our hotel from the airport as its a much easier way compared to taking the subway with heavy luggage. subways in seoul is build with lotsssss of staircase which makes u harder to carry ur luggage. although airport limosine is pricier but its worth it as its hassle free. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket booths just outside the passenger terminal  on the 1st floor. Once we purchased the tiket (15000 won/pax)we wait for our bus in gate 5. the bus number will be printed on the ticket and its designated according to your destination in seoul.Your ticket will list the bus stop location. Go to the bus stop and check the bus route and departure time. When on the bus, make sure to listen to the English recording so you don’t miss your stop.

6001_photo         57627794 to go to our hotel we took bus number 6001 and our stop was baiton hotel. Our hotel was just opposite baiton hotel . it takes about 1 hour plus to reach our hotel but it didnt matter as we were enjoying the view of seoul and i think we would have missed it if we haven taken the subway. first impression on seoul : woooowwww, just woooooowwww

we arrived the hotel at 11am and the hotel staff was very accomadating as they allow us for an early check in. the hotel room was very clean and although it was spacious enough but it was comfy  for 2 pax. the hotels also have laundry machine which is very helpful. they do provide breakfast buffet for 10000 won per pax but we opted to explore foods nearby our hotel. u can have your breakfast in a twosome coffee shop which is opposite the hotel for cheaper price.

the hotels does not provide free toothpaste or toothbrush so is better to bring ur own.if u came to seoul with no plans , you might as well check all the brochure available in the lobby. there are lots of travel packages offered by various tour companies.

You also can download seoul metro subway map & route in your hp app as this app is very useful for those using seoul public transport.


After checking in to the hotel, we were exhausted and took a nap. we woke up in late afternoon and decided to visit korea’s famous and largest traditional market gwangjang market. You can find lots of things in gwanjang market from silk clothing, beddings , traditional clothes to a various traditional food such as tteokboki, bindatteok, hotteok, kimchis and fresh seafoods.


our stomach was already full by the time we reach gwangjang market. so we just manage to try their tte














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